It's not every day you find such an iconic chair with it's own song just chilling at a Goodwill store in Michigan but here we are...

Do the lyrics "sit down in our thinking chair and think...think...thiiiink" ring a bell, or rather, give you a CLUE?

We're talking about "Blue's Clues" baby, and what a perfect time for someone to stumble upon such a relic.

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25 Years of "Blue's Clues"

Recently, our girl Blue celebrated 25 years of gracing our screens and it was a big celebration that included a message from the OG host, Steve, that broke the internet (into tears).

There were so many iconic characters and moments from the show we all love to reminisce over but one thing was that bright red, comfy-looking chair, the "Thinking Chair."

"Thinking Chair" Found in Fenton

On the heels of such a big anniversary for "Blue's Clues", it's like the universe still wants to remind us of what a presence that show had in our lives when it put a version of the "Thinking Chair" in front of shoppers at a Fenton, Michigan Goodwill store.

Melissa Rivera was the one who decided to take a photo of the chair and post it to Facebook on September 20th where it made so many people's days it has amassed 1.5K comments and 693 shares in just a few short days! (CLICK HERE)

Melissa Rivera via Facebook (image cropped for publishing purposes)
Melissa Rivera via Facebook (image cropped for publishing purposes)

According to Rivera, the chair has been sold, but it got us curious if the chair was a recreation someone made or was it a real-deal replica? That's where things got interesting!

History of the "Thinking Chair"

Turns out, there are tons of iterations of this iconic chair as, according to the "Blue's Clues" Fandom Wiki (yes, it exists), it was designed and sold as part of Galerkin Furniture's "Max Line" and was made for a show on E! Network to use with a matching sofa.

Aside from the red we all know and love, it actually came in multiple different colors.

When Steve made his unforgettable exit from the show, the "Blue's Clues" Wiki says, he actually was given the original chair and from there, a replica was used for the remainder of the original run of the series.

There were various reproductions made and used at theme parks and whatnot, which leads us to wonder...could this be one of them!? Could THIS chair found in Fenton be a genuine replica...or a DIY-ed version by a fellow fan?

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