According to a post on the Biggby in Mason Facebook page, they will be closing early this week due to an employee testing positive for coronavirus. The Mason Biggby is located at 661 N Cedar St, so if you happened to go here in the last two weeks you might want to pay attention to symptoms. The Biggby hasn't revealed the employee, and they legally can't, but they are closing early this week to deep clean the building.

If you have been to this Biggby then you should be alert of symptoms and if you have been here in two weeks then maybe get tested this weekend. You may also want to wait a few more days because it takes 7 - 10 days for the virus to show up.

The Biggby has said in the post that employees are wearing gloves and have been for the last few months. They are also deep cleaning everyday this week and they have been taking precautions throughout the pandemic so the hope is that there won't be spread of the virus.

You can see the post here as well as below.

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