My wife suggested we do a little grooming of the property over the weekend, so for the first time this season, we broke out the lawn mower and cleaned up the yard.  She pulled some weeds, I trimmed some bushes and we just generally got things looking nice.  If you're entering the same mode as we did this weekend, this little nugget may be useful:  the City of Lansing is offering free mulch to residents!

We're not doing mulch this year after mulching a few years ago just about bankrupted us.  That stuff can be expensive!  That is, unless thousands of trees and branches are downed during a series of winter storms.  Even my mom is trying to get rid of a tree!

If you're in the market for some FREE mulch, get to Washington Park in Lansing at 2700 S. Washington before Sunday, May 11th.  That just happens to be Mother's Day.  (Sounds like a free Mother's Day gift to me!)  Mulch for Mom!

Get your mulch (for mom) between 9am and 6pm and you have to load it yourself.