Holt is going to be seeing so changes going on due to the Realize Cedar Project.  According to officials with the Realize Cedar project, construction is set to begin on Monday, May 14th.  According to the Lansing State Journal, the project will shift the number of lanes from four to three between Aurelius and Holt Road and add street parking and bike lanes to the same stretch of road. Also, Cedar Street between Aurelius and Willoughby Road will be repaved and Keller Road will be moved about 200 feet south near the intersection of Aurelius and Holt. The construction is expected to continue until late summer or early fall.

Realize Cedar will redevelop the Cedar Street corridor across Delhi Township by improving sidewalks, street parking and roadways on Cedar Street to create a safe, walkable community for all age groups. You can click here to see the complete description of the project.

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