So if you use cash apps like Venmo then police are warning people about a new scam where people will transfer money from your account. So if you don't know what Venmo is its an app that is connected usually to your debit card, but can be connected to other accounts, and it allows you to send money to people anytime. Venmo and other money apps are a new trend as most younger people don't walk around cash so this is a way to pay for things or pay other people back.

So anyway when people tend to enjoy something, someone has to screw it up and has created a new scam using Venmo, and other money apps like; Cash App, PayPal, or Apple Pay. The scam, which after I tell what it is, will sound stupid but has been a problem around the country. So the scam starts with someone asking to use their phone cause they don't have their's or their phone died. The scammer will pretend to use the phone or say they can't call the person so will ask to text. While the scammer pretends to text they actually go on your Venmo app and transfer money to themselves. What's worse is that the scammer will delete the app so you don't get a notification that you sent money.

I know this scam sounds stupid but it has apparently happened a lot so police are warning people about it. To protect yourselves you should like you Venmo to a credit card so that you have protection in case it happens. More on it here. 


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