The latest "Challenge" sweeping social media is the #TrashTagChallenge. Unlike the other crazes that are dangerous, this one is making a difference.

#Trashtag and #TrashChallenge is a new social challenge trend gaining momentum. It began on reddit as a post to encourage young people to go out and clear up the environment quickly and gained popularity among people all over the world who posted their before and after images on social media. Time to grab a garbage bag and head out?

After hearing of the challenge online, Sara Mauck of Three Rivers along with her two sons Jaiden 11 & Braxton 10, decided to head out into their community of Three Rivers and make a change. The trio were armed with protective gear and garbage bags and settled on one of the few areas with litter in Three Rivers, under the Peeler St. bridge.

Photo of Jaiden & Braxton Courtesy of Sara Mauck
Photo of Jaiden & Braxton Courtesy of Sara Mauck

The challenge is not limited to picking up garbage. Basically all you do is find a location that needs any kind of TLC (weeding, maintenance or cleaning) and get to work.

The smiling boys pictured above are great examples of the future generation that will one day be in charge. Kudos to their mom Sara for raising good stewards for our planet.

The three would also like to challenge others to #TrashTag in their communities as well.




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