You may have heard of Mikel Knight, or maybe not.  But he wants you to know who he is, so, allegedly, he's sending out "street teams" of people throughout America to sell his CDs to you at gas stations.  But, there's a lot of negative publicity surrounding Knight and his entire business model.

Police agencies in some communities have issued alerts to residents to avoid transactions with the street teams because they do not carry the proper license to peddle.  But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Mikel Knight's bus was spotted at Valero in Durand on Friday afternoon.  It was also seen in Byron, Perry, Ovid and Mason over the past couple of days.  Already today, buses or vans have been spotted in Merrill and Chesaning and Greenville, where police reportedly pulled one of the vehicles over.

Reportedly, the street teams canvas communities, often at gas stations, with a high-pressure sales pitch that may include misrepresentations about where funds from sales go to.

The whole thing is fascinatingly bizarre and certainly worth investigating further.  Review the following links that have been shared with us in just the past 24 hours, as people throughout our community have come in contact with the organization.

It is not known where they are headed next, but we'll update as we receive news of sightings.