Consider this a random thoughts kinda post. You know, just chit-chat.

A friend and I were recently talking and she mentioned she was so glad summer was over because she could forget about the whole pedicure gig. No warm temps,  means no more open toed shoes, which means your tootsies don't need to look as pretty because basically nobody will see them beside you.

Now I am going to confess, I am a huge nail polish freak. I have a slight addiction and have way too many bottles than I I care to admit. I could even consider myself a self proclaimed expert on shades that make your nails shine lol. Well kinda.

Now, as far as skipping the pedicures during boot season, that's a personal choice. I myself forego the standard salon buffing and opt for a good old fashioned home pedi. I figure although sandal weather has passed, and the chances of anyone getting up close and personal with my feet is slim, adding some color to the toes wouldn't hurt. I so still treat myself to the standing 2 week nail appointment. I'm just not that talented to do it myself.

When it comes to nail color I love just about all of the brands, but none compares to OPI. Yes Essie is great, and I do love so many of their color selections, but OPI is almost the the "Holy Grail" of nail color. If you can't find the color you want with OPI, you won't find it.

I love when they do specialty themed collections. The collections carry cute color names to coordinate with the theme such as the OPI Iceland Collection with colors such as "That's What Friends are Thor" and "Aurora Berry-alis". It was one of my favs from 2017.

So here's to those polished tips and toes all year long! Try a new color, stick to your favs, but polish on! You can check out the full OPI line here, but let me share my top OPI colors that everyone will love below.

Best OPI Nail Colors


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