I know it's still winter, but we are going to warm up soon and when that happens save this list for a beautiful day. Lansing and the Mid-Michigan have dozens of parks or spaces of green, so if you are wondering "where are the best spots to check out nature in Mid-Michigan?" I'll help you.

First in Lansing, there are tons of parks, green spaces, or walking trails for you to check out. The one that you need to check out is a long one and one that connects a bunch of parks in Lansing and its the Lansing River Trail. You can get to this next park from the river trail and its Adado Riverfront Park. Adado of course has events there throughout the year and gives you a great view of the river, city, and the Capitol. You will have to head to the southern end of the River Trail but it will be worth it to hang out at Hawk Island Park . Not only can you swim in the Lake but they also have rowboat and pedal boat rentals, and fishing docks, but there are also picnic areas and shelters and more than a mile of paved trails. This place has nature in the name and you will be able to see tons of different species that call Mid-Michigan home at the Fenner Nature Center, plus Fenner also has tons of trails to check out through a wonderful wooded park. Finally, one of Lansing's newest parks is Crego Park, which has a small lake, which is a great spot for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, plus there are plenty of trails to walk and bike through.

If you want to head out of Lansing and see nature, East Lansing and Grand Ledge have some great places. If you are in Grand Ledge you have to check out the Ledges. The Ledges in Grand Ledge are 300 Million-year-old rock formations that jut from the shore of the Grand River for climbers to enjoy. Plus The Ledges also has a new 76 acres skate park, frisbee golf course, picnicking, fishing, canoeing, cross-country skiing, and more. The best place for nature in East Lansing are in the same area so you won't have to walk far to see all of the amazing flowers, trees, and gardens at Michigan State University Horticultural Gardens and the 4-H Children's Garden. Both places are great on summer days and you can get lost looking at all of the beautiful gardens as well as other attractions that are all over, and a great place to get married too.

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