I LOVE chili. Tomorrow will be a blast not only for that, but because we'll have great weather and what I hope is going to be some incredible chili too. I've never had chili in the summer time though to be honest with yo. Kind of scared, yet so excited to check this thing out. I have been told by so many people in the Lansing area that this will be one of the best time in Downtown Lansing all summer long. I'm really excited to be a part of this awesome annual event. Speaking of it being annual, how about 20 years of Chili Cook Off fun for the Lansing Board of Water and Light? That is a long time and even more chili.

So, I'll be broadcasting live out there tomorrow afternoon, taking the afternoon show on the road again, and I couldn't be more pumped to join you guys out there in the community. With that said, what kind of chili are we eating tomorrow? What are your recipes, share them with me on Twitter @seanv975 or in the comments below. My personal favorite has always been white chicken chili. I love that stuff come fall and winter, but what's a good summer chili? I'm not really sure. Let me know what you're looking forward to eating and trying tomorrow!