I know we all have a favorite local pizza place in our area, but there are still some big chain pizza places that are actually worth going to. The rankings of these pizza places aren't by me, but by Spoon University, and you will see that some of these places aren't located in our area. But that's just an excuse for you to go on a road trip so you can try them out!

Let's start it off with #5 Old Chicago Pizza, which luckily has a location in our area in Okemos. If you have never been there, it is more of a sit down restaurant with other foods besides pizza on their menu. Just a heads up when you go, bring a lot of people cause the pizzas are tough for one person to eat and there will be leftovers.

Next is Uno's Pizzeria at #4, which doesn't have any restaurants in Mid-Michigan but there are some located right outside of Detroit. They have several types of pizza, pasta, salad, chicken, seafood, steak, sandwiches. And they claimed to have invented deep dish pizza, so that is also another great food choice to pick.

Coming in at #3 is Mellow Mushroom, which isn't located in Michigan but they do have a few locations all around Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. So if you are on your way south, you might be able to check it out. They are known for their crusts as well as unique pizza names and flavor combinations on their pizza, and they have over 40 beer choices. Their stores are also unique and individually owned, so each has a different feel to it.

Next, in 2nd place is Giordano's which is the smallest of the chain pizza places on the list. They only have 12 restaurants located outside of Chicago, one of which is located in Holland. Next time you head to Lake Michigan, make sure to check this place out. They have great deep dish pizzas stuffed with more cheese and sauce than you ever thought you needed, as well as other Italian staples, and they also do desserts. Plus, if you can't get to one, you can actually get one shipped to you.

Finally coming in at #1 is a pizza restaurant that you have seen at pretty much any mall....California Pizza Kitchen. If you have never tried it, they offer a wide range of pizzas with fresh, California-inspired ingredients alongside pastas, power bowls, and amazing salads. The wood fired oven takes these pizzas to a level as well and gives it that nice crunchy tasty. Plus they are known for inventing BBQ Pizza about 30 years ago.

So there you go. If you haven't tried one of these on the list, then I definitely recommend trying it out. You can get more info about the Top 5 and see the whole list of them here from Spoon University.

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