We’ve heard Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme song synced up with other music before. There was a whole infamous lawsuit back in the ’80s because Huey Lewis believed the song infringed on his copyright for “I Want a New Drug.” (The suit was eventually settled out of court; Reitman later admitted that he had used Huey Lewis as temp music in the Ghostbusters rough cut.)

This is something new, though. This is someone mashing up Parker’s Ghostbusters theme with the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic.” And not only did they use the song — they made a clip to go with it, combining shots from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II with Beastie Boys music videos.

No one ever claimed “Intergalactic” was inspired by “Ghostbusters” but this combination works incredibly, impossibly well. (“Intergalactic” was the first single on the Beasties’ Hello Nasty, which was released in 1998.) This might as well have been the actual theme song to Ghostbusters. Watch it below:

That’s really unbelievable. Sony should use this as the theme song of Ghostbusters: Afterlife when that finally opens in theaters (maybe) on March 5, 2021. Remember Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Yep, it’s happening, eventually, once movies start coming out again. (Want to feel super depressed? That movie was supposed to come out three months ago, in July of 2020. Think it will come out on time next year? Think it would come out at all next year? At this point, we wouldn’t bet on it.)

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