You’re a movie theater in 1984 looking for the next summer blockbuster. Who you gonna call? According to stars Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, there’s only one right answer: Ghostbusters! In a recently unearthed piece of promotional content, Aykroyd and Murray pitch Columbia Pictures’ supernatural horror comedy film to distributors (while in costume, of course). Check out the bizarre clip below:

First off, this video oozes with nostalgia. It reminds us of a simpler time when two dashing young gents standing in front of an Ecto-1 was enough to sell a movie. Aykroyd and Murray do their best to stress just how funny they believe their comedy to be. To quote Murray: “This is gonna make E.T. look like Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Not to mention, we get to hear a small portion of an alternate Ghostbusters theme song. Just imagine if the lyric “Cool heads under fire / Never mess with the Ghostbusters was the one we sing today. Somehow, it's just not the same.

The promotional clip was produced for the 1984 ShoWest convention, held in Las Vegas, Nevada — hence the not-so-subtle references to gambling. ShoWest was an annual gathering of film exhibitors from all over the world. Today, it continues under the name CinemaCon. A persuasive video presentation at ShoWest could ensure a movie’s success with both major distributors and independent venues. Now that we know they did one for Ghostbusters, we want to see all the promo videos made for the blockbusters of the ’80s. They've got to be out there somewhere.

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