Battle Creek is the breakfast capitol of America. You know that. But did you know that our factories once fed America its Girl Scout cookies?

The Weston Bakery, later known as Interbake, was one of the primary bakers for the Girl Scouts.

Perhaps the most fond memory you might have, aside from the wonderful smells that would waft around town, was the outlet store where you could purchase the cookies long after the Girl Scouts ended their annual sales.

The cookies no longer call Cereal City home (bakeries in South Dakota and Virginia now supply the world the their Thin Mint fix), but there is a Battle Creek connection today with Girl Scout cookies - up until recently Kellogg still owned, through one of their subsidiaries, Little Brownie Bakers, a division of Keebler and one of two Girl Scout Cookie bakers. Keebler was sold by Kellogg's in early April 2019.

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