For one weekend only, M Street Baking Co. is adding the seasonal favorites to their "Instagram-worthy" arsenal of milkshakes!

I'm lactose intolerant but when I tell you I will risk it all for the right milkshake, I mean I would be willing to be uncomfortable for DAYS to try these.

Girl Scout cookies are a true staple and have been an excuse to throw away any diet you are on for as long as I can remember.

That's why it is so perfect that M Street Baking Co. is adding favorite cookie flavors including Thin Mint, Tagalong, Trefoil and Samoa to their already especially extravagant milkshakes, as reported by MLive.

According to MLive, M Street Baking Co. always offers fun shake flavors like chocolate donut, birthday party and cookies n' creme with all kinds of delicious treats on top but owners Emily and Stephanie Mazaris also love to offer a limited-time, "featured shake" every once in a while.

“We grew up as Girl Scouts and know how exciting it was to sell cookies,” Emily shared with MLive. “We are also buying cookies from a lot of different local troops in order to support as many as possible.”

Now I feel like we must reiterate, these are not simply shakes that only taste like Girl Scout cookies, no, no.

MLive reports each Girl Scout cookie shake is made with hand-dipped ice cream, homemade whipped cream and topped with each of the cookies and a cupcake!

The shakes are $10 and are available from Thursday (March 4th) through when M Street Baking Co. closes Sunday (March 7th) at 8 p.m.

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