Potholes are just plain pesky, annoying and can cause major damage to your vehicle. That's why this pothole in Bath Township got a tropical makeover to draw attention to it, hopefully by people who can fix it!

It's been a common sight across America where concerned people and pranksters alike come together to draw attention to potholes either by doing things like planting sunflowers in it like this person in Michigan (see video below) or like that one guy who successfully got potholes fixed by drawing male genitalia around them!


Well, WILX News 10 reports this prankster in Bath Township decided to take it a step further and give the problematic pothole more of a tropical vibe by putting a fake palm tree with a solar light in the middle of it.

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Neighbors of the palm pothole detail just how bad things have gotten like Donald Platte who often sees people "find themselves victim to the road monster" and can actually hear it happen from inside his home.

However, for other neighbors the pothole has brought some good. For example, new neighbor Jason Masterson told WILX that the hole got his son who is learning to speak to say "big hole!" as they walked by. How cute!

On another note, neighborhood do-gooder Kevin Stinson appreciates the pothole for getting people to slow down as they drive down the street...We think he also was that kid in grade school who reminded the teacher of the homework nobody did but we digress. Neighborhood safety is important.

According to WILX, the person responsible for the palm tree pothole is mostly unknown as in they have reached out to ask who it is but have gotten no response.

However, Karen Hildebrandt, a member of Bath's Road Committee Advisory Board did say in a statement the pothole palm prankster has contacted a contractor multiple times over the past few weeks to come fix it. While it was fixed last year, it did not last long and here we are...

All in all, these stories are always the closest thing we can get to living in a real-life episode of "Parks and Recreation" and that makes me happy.

What are some of the best ways you've seen someone deal with a pothole?

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