Sports leagues all around the world are trying to find ways to continue their season and Major League Baseball's plans might happen sooner than other leagues.

According to The Athletic, MLB's plans for the 2020 season include: roughly 80-game regular season; geographically compact schedule; an expanded playoffs; use of the designated hitter in both leagues; and games played in empty stadiums at the team’s regular ballparks. There were plans previous to this about teams playing games in neutral sites like in Arizona or Florida but not enough stadiums and other housing could be found.

This season might feel even weirder as there will be no American League or National League split as is usual with most seasons. This means that the Detroit Tigers who are in the AL Central will only plays teams that are geographically close to them, which is everyone in their division as well as most or all of the teams from the NL Central. This year you won't be seeing the Tigers play the Dodgers or Yankees, but you will be getting a lot Tigers vs Cleveland, both Chicago teams, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. This weird schedule and short season might end up being a good thing for the Tigers as the team they have is young so they may be ale to start the season off well and only have to maintain it for 90 games instead of the usual 180.

The MLB owners are meeting today to approve this plan. The next plan, which could be the hardest to agree on, is the plan for salaries for players. The plan is confusing but essentially the players will only get paid this year if there is a season and owners are looking to use that leverage to have the season take place. You can see more analysis on it here, but just know that some of the plans might change by the end of the today due to the owners' call.

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