A restaurant in Southfield is making mouths water with rib tips coated in a Michigan original pop.

Arkin's Bar-B-Q Has Come Up With A Michigan Flavor To Their Rib Tips

Chow Down Detroit's Seoung Lee stumbled upon the local treasure while out taste testing Michigan foods. The crispy rib treat is served at Arkin's Bar-B-Q Pit in Southfield.

Lee loved the sweet taste of the pork ribs and also gave a humongous thumbs up to the beef ribs at Arkin's.

The Sweet Sauce Was The Result Of Brainstorming

“I tried to get a new item on the menu and I first thought about simply frying rib tips,” Restaurant Arkin Karana told MLive. “I then tried to figure out what else would make them attractive. I wanted to add a flavor to them to bring some attention. I thought about Coca-Cola, but wasn’t sure. I then discovered Faygo Rock and Rye and right away I said, that’s my choice.”

Karana fires to rib tips and then lavishes the deep red sauce upon the ribs until they are soaked. If you're headed out to Arkin's, my advice would be to bring plenty of wet wipes, you're gonna need them, and that's a good thing.

As for Seoung Lee and Chow Down Detroit, he's moved on to sample the new Vernor's Black Cherry Pop for you.

The frequently sold out rare new offering from the Vernor's Bottling Plant has received mixed reviews so far, and Lee says the ginger, black cherry mix tastes surprisingly like, wait for it.........Faygo's Rock and Rye! And with that, we've come full circle.

Let's go eat!

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