Four years after B.o.B made controversial statements suggesting the Earth is flat, the "Airplanes" rapper is finally explaining what sparked the origin of the claims.

On March 25, the 31-year-old rapper and his BoBCast podcast crew posted a new video focusing on the coronavirus, cloning, mind control, the Mandela effect and the genesis of his previous stance on the Earth being flat.

"I come across a fucking flat Earth video called Nasa's Hidden Secrets," B.o.B began in the YouTube video. "So I clicked on the video, it's a video of Eric Dubay doing an interview and I was listening to it, like man, let me turn this shit off. I was finna turn this shit off I swear and then I was like, hold on let me see what he is talking about. And so I started listening to the video and I was like, Oh my god, let me do some research."

Back in 2016, B.o.B. posted the original question on Twitter writing, "The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart... where is the curve? please explain this."

It wasn't long before Twitter, NASA and Bill Nye the Science Guy called out the former XXL Freshman calling his claims ridiculous. However, Bobby Ray did not let that stop him as he later launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe to enable him to further his research, allowing him to confirm his ideas.

Check out B.o.B's full BoBcast episode below.

His statements start at 21-minute mark.

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