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AUDIO: NF Talks to Large Before Common Ground Saturday

Nate (he said I could call him that...so awesome) spoke with me about fame, his fans, his music, and why a Target run and clean showers are some of the best things in life!


Large & NF Part 1:  What would you like for people who just found out about you, to know about you as an artist and your music?


Large & NF Part 2:  When fans say your music is speaking directly to them, how does that affect you as an artist?


Large & NF Part 3:  Are you happy, do you have more to share, is the music therapeutic for you?


Large & NF Part 4: Did you think your dream would come true and materialize like this?


Large & NF Part 5: When you get a break and a chance to relax from your hectic schedule, what does Nate do?


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