Asteroids yes plural are going to be floating very close to Earth this weekend. According to, there could be 8 asteroid that will be flying by Earth all this weekend with one being over 1,100 feet long.

You shouldn't worry about them though, there is enough to worry about on Earth, as they will be no threat to civilization. The large asteroid (named 163348 (2002 NN4) I mentioned above that is over 1,100 feet long is expected to miss our planet by about 3.2 million miles. That doesn't sound that close, and for comparison the moon is 239,000 miles from Earth, but thousands of asteroids fly by Earth and NASA makes sure to keep track of them to make sure they pose n threat to us.

Along with this large asteroid there will be up to 7 other asteroids to flyby Earth this weekend so if you have a telescope you may be able to see one. Asteroid 163348 is given the title "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid" but that is an easy title to get as all the asteroid has to do is be within 5 million miles of Earth, and be bigger than 140 metres in diameter. Most asteroids with this title never come close to Earth and this asteroid flies by Earth every 10 years or so and this is the closest it gets. In addition, this asteroid sounds big but there are hundreds of much larger asteroids floating around space that never come near Earth so again don't worry about its threat too much.

You can see more about this asteroid and other flying by us here.

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