Without a doubt this will be the biggest Artist of the Day competition yet. Can anyone beat Taylor Swift? Your votes have decided the music we play for the past four days and we have listened! It all started last Thursday when T Swift whopped one day champion Drake with over 70% of the vote that day. Then she beat her BFF Ed Sheeran and even good friends Nick Jonas and Sam Smith. Taylor has had an incredible year, there is no doubt about it. She's won a multitude of awards this year already from Billboard, the AMA's and hell, she's even the Woman of the Year. None award more important though than being the longest running Artist of the Day champion right here on 97.5

I have a feeling her reign will be in jeopardy this afternoon though. One Direction is nominated for Artist of the Day for the first time ever. If I know anything about One Direction fans, and I like to think I do, they come out in full force when it comes to supporting the group. Remember the winner for this daily competition in the afternoon will have their music played once an hour for the rest of the night. I reveal the winner at 6 pm and from there, we jam out. Get your votes in guys, you'll definitely want your voice heard in this one. Vote now using #AoftheDay or call me later on this afternoon. It's going to be a crazy one!