A teacher has been taken into custody after allegedly firing at least one shot inside a Georgia high school classroom Wednesday, police said.

The Dalton Police Department announced no students were inside the classroom at the time of the incident. Police said the teacher allegedly would not allow students inside the classroom. A witness reportedly heard the gunshot and called authorities, according to WCRB-TV. (Source: Fox News)

A North Georgia teacher, known as the longtime radio voice of Dalton High School football, is in custody after he fired at least one shot inside a classroom, police said.

The incident at Dalton High School, about 91 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta, sent panicked students running through hallways and alarmed parents already on edge in the wake of a mass shooting earlier this month at a Florida high school.

About 11:30 a.m., some students tried to get into Randal Davidson’s classroom and he would not let them in, Dalton police spokesman Bruce Frazier said.

They alerted the principal. When the principal came to the door and used his key to try to open it, Davidson forcibly closed it on him, Frazier said.

At that point, the principal heard a gunshot. Police have not said what type of gun was used, only that it was a handgun.

"We had officers inside the building quickly,” Frazier said.

Officers evacuated a hallway and secured the area first.

During the evacuation, a female student was hurt, police said. That student is being treated by emergency officials for an ankle injury.

After about 30 to 45 minutes, authorities were able to get the teacher to surrender.

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