I know that Michigan State sports are not taken lightly around the Lansing area. MSU Football all in all had a pretty great season. Their only two losses came against the two teams who are playing for the National Championship. That's so crazy to think about and I think speaks volumes on the type of season Spartan football had. With this crazy new college football playoff system they have going now, for Michigan State to have a chance at a title, they need the Big Ten as a conference to be taken seriously. With that being said, obviously the only Big Ten conference loss State had  came at the hand of Ohio State. Yuck.

Being from the state of Michigan and being around people who both love Michigan and Michigan State football, I've grown to HATE OSU. I hate them. I hate The Vest. I hate Urban Meyer. I hate Buckeyes in every way shape and form. So I have to ask Spartan nation. Are you rooting for Ohio State to win tonight in the national championship game in Texas? If we ever want to play for a title I think that the Big Ten needs a ton of help in credibility. That will have to come with help from the two biggest MSU rivals. U of M and OSU. Mlive reports that coach Mark Dantonio is cheering for the Buckeyes. Will you? Let me know in the comments below.