You read this headline and you probably are shaking your head in wonder. But this outfit, says as of 2018, Michigan has the best drivers in the country. What? This may be news to all of us who are still paying through the nose for our auto insurance.

More over, this is news to those of us who drive in Michigan. How many times have we had to slam on the brakes? Or after slamming on those brakes, just sat there and shaken our heads in disbelief?

Here's the word from

"Congrats, Michigan, you’re number one! If you want a stress-free road trip, pack your bags and head to the Great Lakes State. Drivers earn the gold medal thanks to less citations, speeding, and fatalities than last year. There’s one catch – our study only accounts for insured drivers, and this state has plenty of rule breakers."

Need more? As far as Michigan cities go, all of the top five are in or near our listening area. Lansing and Grand Rapids and Jackson are the top three in that order. Holland is fourth, and Kalamazoo slid into the fifth position.

The worst five are all in other parts of the state. (Roseville, Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac and Taylor), according to the Detroit Free-Press.

What's the old saying? "There's lies, damned lies, and....statistics."

But here's where the best drivers argument falls apart for me. Okay, maybe all of what those numbers say about Michigan drivers is true. We still don't have a clue...not one clue how to merge. Amirite?

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