When a McDonald's employee asked for an extra 25 cents for additional sauces things got weird.

A McDonald's employee in South Euclid, Ohio claimed that a customer broke the plexiglass barrier at the drive-thru window after asking for the additional quarter.  However, the customer has a completely different story according to Cleveland.com,

The customer accused the employee of racial discrimination and said the employee threw the sauce packets at her vehicle. She said the Plexiglass accidentally broke when she was knocking on it.

During the police investigation the staff agree that the 40-year-old customer likely broke the plexiglass barrier on accident.  However, they asked that she pay for the damage and she agreed.

Earlier this month we told you about a very similar incident that happened at a McDonald's in Dearborn, Michigan.  In this story, a customer lost her temper over McDonald's running out of ice.  You can read that full story by clicking here.

Then their's the McDonald's incident last last year where a McDonald's manager hit a complaining customer in the face with a blender breaking the woman's nose.  Click here for that story.

By the way, it's not just a McDonald's problem.  A Burger King customer in North Olmsted, Ohio was unhappy with the taste of his coffee so he threw his food and drink at the fast food employee thru the drive thru window.  Click here for that feel good story.

Apparently, we can't act like adults when buying fast food.

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