It's the middle of the semester now and graduation is almost here, so see what you are in for when you get to look for an adult job. Here are some of the best entry level jobs to get out of college and some of the not so great ones. (According to salary and projected salary growth)

Here are some of the BEST jobs, as they are projected to grow and your salary to start is over $40,000.

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Credit Counselor
  • Commercial Designers
  • Computer system or Management Analysts

But here are some of the not so great ones, as these jobs are projected to minimize over the next 8 years. Also most of these jobs come with a starting salary around $20-25,000 a year.

  • Interior Designer
  • Computer Programmer

To see more about the best jobs above and see what they entail, MLive has a whole breakdown here. 

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