I admit it, every time I pick up groceries, I am judging the people walking in the store with a mask and gloves. Most people know, wearing a mask will NOT prevent you from getting the virus BUT it will prevent you from spreading it. Some people are pretty passionate about it, especially when their lives depend on it.

Police in Flint are investigating a shooting death in Flint on Friday night. A security guard at the Family Dollar was shot at 2 pm in broad daylight. He was shot in the head in the main entrance and died later at a hospital. Rumors began on social media, the fight started over the customer NOT wearing a mask. NO ONE has been arrested. Witnesses say they saw the suspect run into a nearby apartment complex.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's order that went into effect last week allows state businesses to refuse entry to anyone not wearing a mask. It also mandates that employers must provide masks to their employees doing in-person work. Meijer is also asking customers to please wear a mask when entering their stores.

Please wear a mask... It's not just for you.

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