There is a big warning for dog owners to make sure your dogs don't go near toxic algae on Michigan lakes. According to WILX, toxic algae tends to be floating around on Michigan lakes at this is the time of the year because of the hot temperatures, sunlight, and limited circulation in the water.

The Michigan Department of Environment is saying that algae can be difficult to fight off as it may only be seen for a week or two or maybe less. But they say that if you are a dog owner and if your furry friend likes to play in water, make sure to look out for green colored water because that is a telling sign the water might be dangerous to pets. Even if the water looks slightly green, it's better not to risk your dog getting into it because the algae may be in the water even if you can't see it.

The algae won't kill humans, but it may cause a rash or a discoloration on the skin. Dogs could die if they come in contact with it, so if you think your dog has swam in toxic algae water, you will need to give them a bath immediately or take them to the vet. But even if you do these things, it may not help, so it's better not to risk it for your pet. More on the story here. 

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