Adam Sandler has been much maligned in recent years for frankly not being funny and putting out lackluster films. The comedian returned to his standup roots on Tuesday (Oct. 23) with the new Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh. The special has been getting rave reviews and even features the funny man kicking a hilarious rap song during his set.

In the segment of the standup, Sandler dons a hoodie and dark shades. A trap-sounding instrumental plays in the background as he bobs his head to the beat. "I'm heading out and all I'm taking with me is my phone, wallet, keys, yeah/Phone, wallet, keys," he raps about his essentials. "Just those three things, please/Need my phone, wallet, keys/Got my credit cards in my wallet/Got my phone you can call it/Master Lock on my front door, that's what my mutherfuckin' keys are for/My phone, wallet, keys, yea/Phone, wallet, keys/Good things come in threes/Need my phone, wallet, keys."

While Sandler raps, the items he spits about are being flashed on the projector screen behind him. He's no Nas, but the song was pretty entertaining. People appear to be feeling the rap and the special as a whole. It currently holds a 91 percent rating on film rating website Rotten Tomatoes. That's not 100 percent, but close enough.

Check out Adam Sandler's hilarious "Phone, Wallet, Keys" rap below.

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