Kristen Bell, the award-winning Hollywood actress and Oakland County native, is "coming home" to encourage fellow Michiganders to "mask up".

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Bell, who grew up in Huntington Woods, is lending her support to a new Oakland County public education campaign for COVID-19. The campaign, called “The Only Way To Beat It Is To Face It”, launched on December 7 and "aims to spread awareness about the importance of remaining vigilant in mask-wearing and other safety measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus."

Bell took to her Instagram to post a picture wearing mask with the caption,

“Here’s the good news – things WILL get back to normal eventually. They will! But, we’re not quite there yet. By wearing a mask, you can decrease the risk of COVID-19 transmission! We can beat this virus if we face it together.“They will! But, we’re not quite there yet,” Bell wrote. “By wearing a mask, you can decrease the risk of COVID-19 transmission! We can beat this virus if we face it together".

She finished off the post with a link to Oakland County's COVID-19 site and the hashtags #oaklandtogether #FaceIT #COVID.

Oakland County Officials are hoping a little "star" power will help drive the message home to the community are the importance of taking precautions during the ongoing pandemic.

“COVID-19 safety measures remain paramount and we’re so excited that Oakland County native Kristen Bell is lending her voice to magnify this message,” County Executive David Coulter told WXYZ. “We are at the beginning phase of dispensing the vaccine which brings hope and an extra responsibility for us to mask up, socially distance, and wash our hands so we can get through this and keep our communities safe."

The campaign, that is Funded by the CARES Act, has not only has the help of Bell, but other noted Michiganders according to the Metro Times. Former Detroit Lions player Lomas Brown Jr., former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty, and Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars champion Meryl Davis are also lending their support.


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