In the span of 24 hours we are losing two of the most iconic and funniest late night television hosts in the history of the industry. I know Jimmy Fallon is the hot thing right now with The Tonight Show, but when I think of late night TV, I immediately think of Craig Ferguson and Stephen Colbert. Last night as I'm sure you've seen on the internet, was Stephen Cobert's last 'Colbert Report' on Comedy Central. Colbert created a character of himself that he he used working with Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show.' He's moving on to bigger and possibly better things, that remains to be seen. He will be taking over for the long over due, recently retired, Dave Letterman  and 'The Late Show.' Being on network television will be different for Colbert and I'm not entirely sure that his brand of humor will translate with that audience, especially one that has watched Letterman do knock knock jokes for the past 5 years.

With that being said, I love Colbert. That show will be greatly missed. But I'm writing this blog really to pay homage to a hero of mine, and that is TV's Craig Ferguson. Getting his first big break on 'The Drew Carey Show' the Scottsman got the 'Late Late Show' gig after another Craig, Craig Kilborn got the boot. I was too young to know it then but I knew that what I was watching wasn't like anything else on TV at that time. Craig became wildly successful over the years on the show for ripping up interview cards, his fake horse, Secretariat and his gay robot sidekick, Geoff Peterson, played by Josh Robert Thompson.

The early days of Craig were just as funny. He would do his cold open with a stuffed, English rabbit who had a very dirty mouth and would famously end his interviews with guests with an awkward pause, or a play of the mouth organ or whatever he thought was fitting. Craig broke the same boring mold of late night TV. Even I was lucky enough to get my very own snake mug, just like his. He's moving on from the show to pursue other things in the entertainment business. He's been a tremendous impact and influence on me, and maybe I'll be able to sit in that chair one day. I got the chance to see his show live in Los Angeles a few years ago, one of the last shows in his old studio. Seeing that show and that type of funny live was unreal. He's a great entertainer and as someone who talks to people for a living, I hope I can bring that much crazy and happiness to you everyday as well. He will be the king of late night TV to me for years to come and I wish him luck in all he does after it, and hope he will never change. James Corden takes over the show in March.