There are some people out there who will celebrate Halloween, horror and crime, all year long, and if they are that person, you're going to want to tag them in this post! (Yes, you can tag yourself here too!)

There is a new haunt coming to REO Town, bringing sweets and some vintage candy back to the Mid-Michigan area.

The Screamatorium, which was originally in the Deadtime Stories, which a true crime-themed bookstore, owned by a local author. The owner Jenn Carpenter, says she hopes that this expansion, will help offer some fun new changes for those who come into the bookstore.

“We moved all of the gifts over here so that we could fit more books in deadtime stories,” Carpenter told WILX. “So this is just kind of a fun little spooky gift shop with treats and snacks and all kinds of fun stuff.”

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Carpenter said that this expansion from Deadtime Stories will allow more books in her store, which allows for more happiness you true crime fans out there.

Carpenter has hopes to turn the Screamtorium into a full-service ice cream store by next year. Also, if you happen to be one of the first fifteen customers, you have a chance to get a free gift, as well as a free bookmark with every purchase, while supplies last.

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