I hate, hate, HATE it when I go to see a movie because the "critics" said it was amazing and it turns out to be horrible. Or even the opposite; the critics bash it and it's so on point I want to punch those critics in the throat.

So here is what I propose...I will see a new movie(or two or three, I'm pretty obsessed) every week and report back here to tell you all about it! That way you can decide what to see based on the opinion of a regular Joe Jill, and not someone who may or may not be just worried about ticket sales.

Up for review this week- Captain America: The Winter Soldier starring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.

First order of business, I would say that you should have already seen the first Captain America and even The Avengers movie before you see this. It's not an absolute necessity, but some part in this sequel you may not understand if you don't.

Overall, the movie was spectacular and (Do I dare to say it?), better than the first! Gasp! The action and special effects were larger-than-life, especially in 3D. Also, Marvel introduced some awesome new characters that were totally kick-ass. But, my favorite part has to be all the twists and turns. Captain America: The Winter Soldier keeps you guessing (in a good way) and on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The only snag in what I thought was a fantastic movie, was Natasha Romanoff's (A.K.A. The Black Window's) hair. Yes, her hair. I know I'm being a weirdo, but I didn't think it looked good on her and I preferred it when she had the curls like in Iron Man 2. Just sayin'.

Overall, I'd give the movie an "A". And, if you're still on the fence about this awesome movie, here is a trailer to help change your mind!



P.S. Make sure you stick around after the credits!