When you wake up tomorrow the first thing you may want to do is open up your banking app and see if the government claus left you a stimulus present under the figurative tree. Okay, I'm not sure where that came from but apparently 80 million of us (hopefully) will be receiving our stimulus checks from the government by Wednesday, April 15th. There's no time frame that I'm aware of in regards to what time they'll be dropping, but I can't wait to spend mine at the movie thea-, shoppin mall, at a concert... insiiiide?

Either way, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuhcin said that those of us who do not receive our check by Wednesday will have to enter their banking information to the IRS if they want their check deposited directly into their account, according to Fox 17. Those who have used direct deposit the last two years for filing taxes shouldn't see a problem getting your money.

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