What happened a couple of weeks ago at Faster Horses 2021 was heartbreaking.

Tragically, three young men lost their lives while attending the country music festival. According to the authorities, five men in their early twenties were found unresponsive in their camper Saturday (July 17) afternoon.

Three of the men, 20-year-old Dawson Brown from Michigan Center, 19-year-old Kole Sova from Jackson and 20-year-old William Mays II from Jackson, passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning. Investigators believe a generator near the camper was the cause.

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Giving Back During Hard Times

It's important for the community to come together and show one another love and support when tragedy strikes. Last week, it was announced that one of country music's favorites, Luke Combs, would be covering the funeral costs of the young men who passed away at the festival.

Another individual from Jackson has taken it into her own hands to help those grieving. Eight year old, Faith Murdock, started her own lemonade stand in order to help raise money for the young men's families.

What would cause a young soul like this to want to give back to those in need of love and support? Her parents.

Faith told Fox 47 that when she saw the news, she was upset and wanted to do something to help out. Which reminded her of a time she witnessed her parents give money to someone in need.

I asked my parents why they did it and they said, ‘Because a good deed starts a chain reaction.'

What started as a lemonade stand, has turned into so much more. You can read more on Faith's Heavenly Lemonade Stand here.

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