Are you still working from home? Is your area cluttered? Or maybe you're tired of all noise interrupting your meetings. When I was working from home, my cats were constantly trying to sit on my laptop or play with all of my chords. I bet you're probably like, "Why didn't you just lock them out?" I tried that. They sat at the door and screamed the entire time. Imagine trying to talk on air and your cats screaming in the background. If you've been experiencing some of the same issues, I can help you fix that!

Here’s 5 things to help you keep your WFH space organized…

Cable clips

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bunch of jumbled up chords. Especially when you’re laptop is on 2% and you’re in the middle of an important zoom meeting. These will help keep your cables organized and they’re only $5.99 from Amazon!

WiFi Extender

Sluggish WiFi is the worst. Maybe you’re far away from your router or you’re not the only only one working from home. A WiFi extender can help! This one from Amazon is $29.99

Smart Power Strip

You can control your appliances with this smart power strip. How cool is that? Technology am I right? It’s pretty cheap too, $16.99 from Amazon.

Collapsing Laptop Stand

Maybe you don’t feel like working from your normal spot at home. If you have a portable laptop stand, you can work anywhere in your home. Buy it on Amazon for $27.95

Sound Proofing Strips

These are multifunctional too! Now that things are getting cool, maybe you get a little breeze from your door every now and then, these are perfect! Or maybe you have young children running around or your furry friend is barking/meowing at your door. Get them on Amazon for $12.99

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