With summer here you and your friends and/or family will be looking for something fun to do outside. Why not Camping!? Michigan has plenty of great spots for camping and I hope this list helps you find another great one this summer.

  1. AuTrain Lake - Over 40 great camping sites are in the Hiawatha National Forest. Plenty of swimming, boating, and even bird watching opportunities abound.
  2. Little Presque Isle - For rustic camping in a cabin as opposed to tent camping Choose from six cabins and have access to some 18 miles of hiking trails and beaches along Lake Superior.
  3. Pinckney State Rec Area - Whether you pick Crooked Lake or Blind Lake to camp at you'll have have 40 miles of trails and tons of fishing.
  4. Porcupine Mountains - The ultimate in secluded camping, the Porkies have some 60,000 acres of wild land to hike, mountain bike, swim, and camp.
  5. Albert E. Sleeper State Park - Tons of Modern amenities (restrooms with hot water, electrical hookups), but without the crowds. Plus, killer views of Saginaw Bay.

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