Dining out is always a fun adventure. Whether it’s an old favorite, satisfying a craving, or trying something new. It’s something my wife and I did every Friday night, I always called it date night. And it was a tradition with us until the pandemic. For the past year dining out has been a rare occasion, we did some take out, but mostly ate at home. But now that we are free to dine where we want again, without the risk of covid, we’re taking full advantage of it.

One of the meals we’ve always enjoyed is Chinese either dining in or take out. We live in Grand Ledge, so we have Bamboo Gardens, which is excellent. I see a few other options on the westside of Lansing, but when I researched this article, I was very surprised at the number of options we have for Chinese,Thai and Szechuan. I made sure any restaurant we listed served chinese food. Some of them offer other dishes along with Chinese as well.

East Lansing has lots of options, probably the most in the area. There are a handful in Dewitt, found one in Williamston, and a few in the Lansing area as well. Some only offer carry out, others offer a dining room. And I need to let you know there may be some that have closed due to the pandemic. I tried to verify all of the ones listed, but some may have slipped through the cracks.

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I plan on printing out a copy of this list, as the variety is impressive. And after many months of not going places, we’re ready to get out and explore new places to eat! And this list of Chinese Restaurants is a good start!

34 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants in The Lansing Area

34 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants in The Lansing Area


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