Somebody hit the Michigan Lottery for $1 million this month - appropriately enough playing the Millionaire Maker instant game. We don't know his name, but I bet everyone in Adrian does. He's 19-years-old and (if it were me at 19) hosting the world's best party right now.

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Our new friend has chosen to remain anonymous, but he bought his winning ticket at the Lowry Grocery Store, on East Beecher Street in Adrian. According to a press release from the Michigan State Lottery:

I must have called my mom 90 times before I got through to her and then she wouldn't believe me. My family thought I was joking until they saw the ticket for themselves!


I may have disappeared at that point, but he didn't. He eventually made his way to lottery headquarters in Lansing and decided to take the lump sum payment of $634,000. And - (spoiler alert) - he says he'll invest all of that money.

Let's see - Federal tax - 37%. State tax - 4.25%. I figure he'll be left with about $375,000. (Tax accountants? Is that correct?) If he can leave that money alone and even get 4 or 5% out of that very year for 40 or 45 years - THEN he can have a real party.

Looking forward to that invitation in 2060. Congratulations!

Oh, and if you're interested, you can see the winning ticket below.

Courtesy MI Lottery
Courtesy MI Lottery

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