If you are not familiar already, here's a cool hashtag on Twitter for you to check out. Especially if you are from Michigan. Especially if you grew up in Michigan.

It's #growingupinmichigan on Twitter. You're going to find a bunch of Tweets on there that you'll think you posted. Heck maybe you did. But it will probably not surprise you that you share a lot of the same opinions, tastes and more of your fellow Michiganders.

Here are ten of them that I thought were some of the best. Check out #growingupinmichigan on Twitter yourself and find some that you like. Or maybe even post a few Tweets of your own.

 1. Whether it's lifestyle, weather or just a change of scenery, some people just want a change. Whether it's coming or going.

2. We've all heard the saying, "Talk to the hand." Well as you know, here it's... 

3. A great team and certainly one of the greatest voices and gentlemen ever.

4. I'm afraid that I'm guilty of this one, too.  

5. "It's a lake house. No, I'm not sure whose it is but it'll be cool..."  

6. If you've been to a Tigers game, you've either seen or done this.  

7. And don't forget, sometimes there are some of each IN THE SAME HOME!!!  

8. As far as I know this is a "Michigan only" saying.  

9. Well yeah, there is that feeling.  

10. I'm glad that we were all sitting down for this one...  

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