OMG, How have I been working in Lansing 6 years now and not gotten to meet this wonderful woman! Meet Michelle Royer Jefferson... former Miss USA, Sparrow occupational therapist, mom, wife and really an all around inspirational woman period!

I've heard so many people gush over her with a ton of wonderful stories, but my favorite story I've heard about her the past few days is how she met her now husband (and one of my favorite co-workers) Banana Don from WITL. I'll shorten down the story just a bit, but I absolutely love it!

So right after Michelle had been crowned Miss USA, she was doing a radio tour and was on her way into Banana Don's morning show in Pittsburgh to do an interview. Well Don had an ongoing bit on air that he was going to 'ask Miss USA out on a date'. She heard him talking about it on the air and by the time she made it into the station she was so mad at him she actually almost didn't even go in to do the interview.

Well she did, then at the end of the interview Don's co-host called him out on his bit and said, 'Don't you have something to ask Miss USA?' Banana Don asked her out, she agreed, and that's how it all began!!!! I love this story so much!

Fun Fact: Banana Don also used to do mornings in my hometown of Birmingham Alabama so I listened to Banana Don when I was in high school, and now his two daughters have listened to me here while they were in high school! The circle of radio life has been completed!

See if you can make it through her crowning moment without getting teary eyed! I got so emotional watching it! I don't know if it's just because I've already heard so much about her I was on the edge of my seat watching it and rooting for her like it was real time or what, but I absolutely LOVE this! And she lives right here in our very own back yard!