Okay... there's got to be a great back story here! This sign is hanging up in the mens locker room at my gym.. I would like to emphasize that it's in the MENS locker room, because... well, us ladies don't get in trouble for silly things!

So I have a few questions right now... Who has been skinny dipping in the men's whirlpool in order to make this sign a necessity? Can you even technically skinny dip in a whirlpool or is it technically called sitting in the whirlpool naked?

What about the lifeguard on duty? Is there no lifeguard on duty because he was the culprit caught skinny dipping in said whirlpool? (Sarcasm... do you really need a lifeguard in a 3 feet whirlpool?)

Know the naked culprit? Have an idea for what happened to warrant this sign? Caption contest? Comment below!