About a week ago, Doritos launched a line of rainbow colored chips. They did this because they partnered up with the It Gets Better project; a project whose mission is to help youth within the LGBT community. With suicide being the number one cause of death among gay youth 15-24, Doritos wanted to help change that. But many people are upset about this.

Some more vocal people have taken to various social media platforms to voice their opinion...

And I guess what I don't get is... why is this even an issue?

Doritos decided to help out a project that is working to prevent youth from killing themselves and helping to teach them that "it gets better".

I am in full support of Doritos and their cool initiative towards helping youth in the LGBT community. Why? Because gay youth are humans too, and just because I support this cause doesn't mean that I'm anti-Christian. It means that I don't want to see people die.

What's your take on the situation? Are you running out to find a bag of rainbow colored deliciousness right now? Or are you never spending money on Doritos again?

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