If you read this "Spring Cleaning" title and you STILL clicked in to read this post, then welcome, because we are cleaning kindred spirits! I generally love to clean, if you can believe it, and I especially love Spring cleaning because it's a great chance to de-clutter and start fresh for the new year! Plus, I have way too much crap, and I can’t be the only one, right? I’m sure everyone could do with a bit of Spring cleaning. So here are some of my tips when it comes to make Spring cleaning a bit easier to handle.

Step 1: Make a “To-Do” List. I find that by making a list you have something that holds you accountable. Even if you aren’t able to accomplish everything on your list, the feeling of crossing items off one-by-one as you complete them is AMAZING! And a “To-Do” list that has EVERYTHING crossed off? While it’s a rarity, is even more spectacular.

Step 2: Start with something simple. By starting off the big project of Spring cleaning by doing something quick/easy, it will give you the confidence to make it through each item on the list. Plus, lots of smaller things really add up!

Step 3: One of the latest forms of cleaning I've been using lately, and seeing some great results, is the, "Touch Each Item Only Once". Allow me to explain; I find that I'll start cleaning in Room A and find tons of items that belong in Room B or Room C. Instead of just setting those items aside to just put them away later (or sadly just to be moved along again sometimes), I put that item were it belongs right off the bat.

Step 4: Spring cleaning can also be a time to finish projects. I have a tendency to start an organizational project, but come to a halt when I realize I don't have all the supplies I need. If this sounds like something you do as well, make a list of items you need to finish those projects, and tackle them along the way too!

Step 5: Don’t feel like you have to check everything off the list in one day. Tackling a big Spring cleaning list can be daunting, and nothing kills your cleaning spirit like feeling overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time; kitchen one day, bedroom the next. Or give yourself a set amount of days to get everything done. There are lots of pre-made checklists that are “How to Declutter Your Life in 7 days” or “40 Days to Total Organization”.

Step 6: Take breaks along the way. It may seem counter productive to stop and start within the cleaning process, but going non-stop for too long isn't a great idea either. Instead, every 5 chores, take a break and relax. Perhaps pour yourself some wine?

Step 7: Treat yo’ self! Whether it’s a night out, a new pair of shoes, or even just a nap (never underestimate the power of a nap!), you’d do well to reward yourself after everything is said and done. You’ll be way more willing to Spring clean if you know that there’s a prize at the end!

If you’d like some lists to get you started, or maybe you’re looking for some new tricks to add to your cleaning arsenal, check out my Pinterest page! I’ve been pinning like a fiend, getting myself ready for Spring cleaning, so I’m sure you can find something that will help you out as well on my Cleaning and Organizing board.  Let me know if this helped you accomplish your Spring cleaning goals. Or if you have some sure fire tricks in your cleaning arsenal, I’d love to learn some new stuff! Happy cleaning!

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