It's called the Marble Machine and, powered by 2,000 marbles and its builder turning a crank, it plays an awesome song!  The Marble Machine is the project of the Swedish band, Wintergaten.  Watch the video, then scroll some more to get to know more about Wintergaten -- they are, without question, the most fascinating band I have been introduced to in years.

Wintergaten introduced themselves to the world in January 2013 with the video below.  I am one million percent sold -- I am an instant fan.

Forget Kanye.  Forget Taylor.  THIS is artistry!  THIS is musicianship.  THIS...IS...AMAZING!

And if you want your mind blown even more, check out the video below -- Wintergaten LIVE!  (No, your screen isn't broken -- the lights come on about 3 minutes in!)