I'll do my best to summarize this entire situation, but there's plenty of video and audio for you to listen to.

On January 10th, employees at a used car dealership in Massachusetts pooled their money to order a pizza.  The total comes to $32.  They hand the delivery driver $40.

After the delivery driver leaves, the employees realize they never received their change.  So, they call the pizza place and demand that the driver return with their $7 (and change).

When he returns the money and explains his confusion, the employees respond by berating him, using vulgar language and threatening him.  Then, one of the geniuses at the dealership posted the security video footage of the incident online, thinking it'd drum up a good chuckle from people.

Not. The. Case.

The internet came back to absolutely destroy -- and I do mean, literally, destroy the dealership.  The internet worked together to fill the web with negative reviews, flood web pages with negative comments and make sure the dealership, F&R Auto Sales, knew in no uncertain terms, that their actions were disgusting and would not go unanswered.

Watch the original video, and then watch and listen to what happened next, thanks to our sister station Fun 107 - The Southcoast's #1 Hit Music Station!

After the video hit the web, that's when the flood gates opened.  Amanda in Iowa (random) set up a GoFundMe page.  That page has netted more than $25,000 so far, many of the donations in $7 increments -- the denomination of the pizza guy's tip, IF the dealership wouldn't have made him return it.

Our sister station, Fun 107, is the powerhouse radio station in that community, so that's where the dealership employees found themselves offering apologies.  Well, some of them.  One guy still maintains the pizza guy bears some responsibility.

Meanwhile, Jarrid, the Palace Pizza deliver driver, talked to Fun 107 on Friday -- find out his fantastic response to the whole thing.

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