So I first saw the "Walk of Shame Shuttle" video commercial like three years ago, and I thought it was freaking hilarious and brilliant! It took a situation that's usually awkward (the walk of shame), and then added a dash MORE awkward (a stranger asking you really personal things while driving you back home), and made a legitimate business...AND YOUTUBE GOLD!

So I'm super psyched for what I learned from MLive; VH1 is releasing a series showing the exploits of University of Michigan grad, Kellyann Wargo and her "Walk of Shame Shuttle" business. Wargo, along with her two driving buddies Jordan Pease and Michelle Collins, pick up friendly people after they've enjoyed a rousing night of activities, and ask them about EVERYTHING that happened.

The show premieres Wednesday, March 18th at 9 p.m. Are you excited to see "The Walk of Shame Shuttle"? Or is do you think it's just another crappy reality tv show? Either way, until then, enjoy this preview of what's to come!