Every now and then I get the question, "Are you really playing the trombone?"

The answer is yes.

I once was very good at playing trombone.  I sat first chair in the Durand Symphonic Band and marched first chair in the legendary Durand Marching Railroaders.  (Can you actually march "first chair?")

Anyway, that was a long time ago.

But yes, I still (attempt to) play the trombone.

Since the inception of Trombone Tuesday (2008), there has only been one instance that I can recall that I took the trombone on the road.  We're probably due for another live event.

In the meantime, this photo will have to serve as the proof.

Trombone Tuesday: How It All Began
Sometime in December of 2008 I was at Meridian Mall for a live broadcast in advance of the holidays.  Also making a special appearance at the mall that day was the Okemos High School Marching Band.  As they marched through the mall, it occurred to me what a horrible shame it was that my trombone had been sitting in the garage for years.  I decided that day to do something about it.

Since December 2008, Trombone Tuesday has been one of the most popular elements of Josh Strickland in the Morning!

(PS - Thanks for listening!)