Running has been tough with this crazy weather lately! I went to the gym tonight to try to squeeze a run in and it was CLOSED! In case you missed last weeks blog, here's some tips for winter running in the snow. I've also been having trouble with getting blisters when I run long distance, so my aunt (who is also a runner) suggested I get Body Glide. I got the stuff and will let you know as soon as I use it how it works! But here's what the website says: Around your bra, on your thighs and feet, our plant-derived ingredients create a natural barrier to moisturize your skin, allow it to breathe and perspiration to escape, while helping guard against irritation, chafing and blisters. Help prevent against blisters? Yes Please!

Alright, now the run times! Here's how it works, every week keep up with your times for running a mile, 2 miles and 5k (pick one or all it's up to you!) and I'll give the best times in each category a pair of tickets! Here's the times for this week! You can submit your times starting today - midnight on Sunday and I'll post again next Monday! The form to submit your times is at the bottom of the blog! Happy Running!

Alabama  n/a n/a 29:03
Brett Miller n/a 13:58 22:13
Josh Gonzalez n/a n/a 21:45
Brad Chaney 5:55 n/a n/a
Sally Vrooman n/a n/a 33:37